The Honor MagicBook X 16 Laptop Budget Friendly Laptop

The Honor MagicBook X 16 is an impressive yet budget-friendly laptop, ideal for a variety of tasks. Powered by AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor and equipped with 16GB RAM, it makes an excellent choice for productivity as well as general computing tasks.

This display is large enough to handle a range of tasks and it offers 100% sRGB coverage for color accuracy. Furthermore, its brightness and refresh rate are impressively fast.

1. 12th Gen IntelĀ® CoreTM i5-1235U Processor

The Honor MagicBook X 16 features an Intel 12th Gen Core i5-1235U Processor with two performance cores (P-Cores) and eight power-efficient cores (E-Cores).

This processor is built upon an Intel 7 nm lithography process and utilizes Alder Lake microarchitecture. Additionally, it supports Hyper-Threading for enhanced performance.

The maximum clock rate of this processor is 4.4 GHz for P-Cores and 0.9 GHz for E-Cores. Furthermore, it supports AVX for audio playback.

The Core i5-1235U processor boasts a TDP of 15 W and supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Furthermore, it features a PCI-Express gen 4 interface for connecting other components in your computer.

2. IntelĀ® HD Graphics 620

The Intel(r) HD Graphics 620 is one of the newest mid-range integrated graphics solutions from Intel. Launched in August 2016, this GPU is built upon Generation 9.5 Kaby Lake microarchitecture and designed with laptop computers in mind.

This graphics processor boasts 192 shading units and 24 texture mapping units. Additionally, it supports DirectX 12, providing improved performance in games.

This GPU supports 4K output and comes equipped with Quick Sync video technology for efficient compression and decoding of videos.

3. 16-inch FullView Display

The 16-inch FullView Display of the Honor MagicBook X 16 is bright, and clear, and has a rich color gamut for viewing photos and videos. It’s also great for general day-to-day tasks like browsing the web, making video calls, or typing out documents.

Though the lack of a dedicated graphics card may seem disappointing for creatives, the AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor and integrated Radeon graphics proved capable of handling most tasks with ease. We were even able to do some Photoshop retouching and video editing on our laptops!

The Honor MagicBook X 16 is an ideal budget-friendly option for creatives on a tight budget. It boasts a great display, plenty of ports, and an efficient processor, plus it supports the HONOR Magic-link feature which enables wireless file transfers between the device and smartphone via NFC technology.


The Honor MagicBook X 16 is an affordable mid-range laptop. This makes it a great option for students and those looking to save money on their next laptop purchase.

This laptop’s display is a Full HD 16-inch panel with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a 100% sRGB wide color gamut. Additionally, it boasts maximum brightness of 300 nits as well as German Rheinland eye protection mode for added safety.

This laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5-1235U processor with a maximum turbo frequency of 4.4GHz, coupled with the GeForce MX350 GPU for impressive all-around performance.

5. 512GB PCIe SSD

A 512GB PCIe SSD is the ideal addition for high-end laptops if you need extra space on your hard drive. Gaming and programming setup files can quickly fill up large volumes of storage, so it’s essential that as much data as possible be kept on a fast SSD.

The Honor MagicBook X 16 is an ideal option for students and creatives on a tight budget, boasting an impressive display and speedy components at an accessible price point. However, it may not be quite as powerful as some of the higher-end machines available and won’t be able to handle heavier software programs.

6. Dual-band Wi-Fi 6

Honor was originally part of Huawei until 2020 when they parted ways to circumvent anti-Chinese import restrictions in countries like the US. While its laptops still bear some similarities to those produced by its former parent company, some minor differences remain apparent today.

The MagicBook X 16 features an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU with integrated Radeon graphics, making it perfect for everyday tasks like web browsing and typing out documents. However, don’t expect to edit videos on it since you’ll need a decent dedicated graphics card.

It also supports the latest Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 technology, which should increase network speeds and enable you to wirelessly transfer files between your laptop and Bluetooth-enabled devices or accessories. Furthermore, this laptop offers multi-screen collaboration capabilities which let you open up to two phone apps after connecting it with a compatible smartphone through NFC technology.

7. NFC

The Honor MagicBook X 16 is one of the many budget-friendly laptops from China. It boasts an attractive all-metal shell and vivid screen, along with impressive performance for the price point.

This 16-inch FullView display boasts an impressive 90% screen-to-body ratio, featuring extra thin bezels on all sides. That’s a major advantage in this category as rivals often add much more bezel around their screens.

The Honor MagicBook X 16 is one of the few value laptops equipped with an NFC sensor, making it easier than ever for you to pair your smartphone with the laptop and transfer files or make calls directly from it.

8. Fingerprint Sensor

The MagicBook X 16 is a pioneer in the laptop world, featuring one-touch power on and fingerprint scanning capabilities. This provides users with an incredibly secure and seamless experience that’s sure to please users of all levels.

The MagicBook X 16 is an impressive laptop, weighing in at only 1.54kg. Despite its diminutive size, it packs some serious performance punch. Best of all? It does so in a sleek and lightweight package that looks both professional and elegant. Whether you’re a busy business professional on the go or need entertainment while traveling, the MagicBook X 16 offers something for everyone – powered by cutting-edge hardware designed to make life simpler and more enjoyable.

9. Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 4.2 is the latest version of Bluetooth, offering improved battery life and faster data transfer speeds. The Honor MagicBook X 16 supports this feature, so you’ll always stay connected without any hassle.

HONOR MagicBook 14 and 15 models feature a 15.6-inch anti-glare SoundView display with narrow frames, increasing its useful area to 84% (old model) or 87% (newer one). Furthermore, these models boast 100% sRGB color coverage as well as 300 nit brightness.

HONOR MagicBook is designed for young professionals who embrace a digital lifestyle. It can be used for work, study, design projects, and gaming alike – providing long-lasting performance in an ultraportable package.

10. Multi-Touch

The Honor MagicBook X 16 offers a 16-inch full HD display with just 4.5mm bezels on both sides, boasting a 100% sRGB wide color gamut and 300 nits brightness for vibrant colors and lifelike imagery.

It provides an immersive viewing experience with its screen-to-body ratio of 89% for immersive visual entertainment. Furthermore, its IPS panel produces a vibrant, saturated look, featuring 98.5% sRGB coverage and a 300-nit maximum brightness level.

The MagicBook X 16’s multi-touch display splits the touch surface away from the screen so users can navigate windows without touching them directly, which reduces user fatigue and enhances the experience for those using the device for work or study purposes. Furthermore, Magic Link allows up to two phone apps to open on the HONOR notebook after connecting their smartphone via Magic Link connection.

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