The best iPhone to buy in 2023 – Which iPhone is Best For You?

The latest iPhone models have already been released with the iPhone 14 launch. And new releases are not supposed to come at the end of this year. If you plan to upgrade your iPhone this year, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up the best iPhones to buy. From high-end all-rounders to affordable models, we have options for all budgets and preferences.  So, let’s explore the world of the iPhone together and find the perfect device.

6 Best iPhone Model For You

With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide. Here are the six best iPhone models on the market today and help you determine which is the right fit for you. 

1. iPhone 14 

The iPhone 14 has some features that you might not notice, but they are helpful. For example, Crash Detection can tell emergency services when you have faced a car accident. Starting in November, Emergency SOS via Satellite will let you message emergency dispatchers when there is no cell coverage.

Although the iPhone 14 is similar to the iPhone 12 and 13, the inside has been completely redesigned with a ceramic shield covering and a water-resistant body. The back-glass of the iPhone 14 is now easier and cheaper to fix because it is not attached to the internals.

All phones in the iPhone 14 series use eSIMs in the US, and the front-facing camera now has autofocus for the first time ever. The phone also has a new video stabilization tool called Action mode and an upgraded Cinematic mode that can record 4K video at 24fps. The phone runs on iOS 16, which is an updated operating system. All these features make the iPhone 14 an excellent phone.

2. iPhone 14 Pro 

If you think the iPhone 14 Pro Max is too expensive or too big, the standard iPhone 14 Pro is a great alternative. It’s powered by the latest Apple A16 Bionic chip, making it one of the most powerful phones. The 6.1-inch screen is the same size as the previous model, but it’s now equipped with a Dynamic Island instead of a notch, which houses Face ID components and provides additional functionality like music playback controls.

The ProMotion technology allows the display to adjust between 10 Hz and 120Hz, and the new 1Hz mode enables an always-on display with smart lock screen options thanks to iOS 16.

The rear triple camera now features a 48MP primary sensor that captures better stills and video than any previous iPhone model. It’s also the most versatile iPhone camera ever, narrowing the gap with competitors like Samsung.

Although it’s still pricey, the iPhone 14 Pro is one of the most capable phones available and it’s more affordable than the Pro Max.

3. iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is quite similar to the iPhone 14 Pro in terms of its features and specs. However, it stands out in two significant ways: it has a larger 6.7-inch high-refresh-rate screen and a bigger battery. In fact, according to our tests, it has the most extended battery life of any phone on this list.

Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max is exceptional, I suggest only buying it if you prefer a bigger Pro model. Keep in mind that it’s quite heavy, weighing 34 grams more than the iPhone 14 Pro and 37 grams more than the iPhone 14 Plus, mainly because of its stainless steel body.

4. iPhone 12

The launch of the iPhone 14 means that the iPhone 12 is now Apple’s most affordable full-screen phone. It offers 5G support and MagSafe connectivity so that you can connect accessories magnetically. 

Although the camera and battery life are only slightly improved over last year’s model, the 

iPhone 12 is a better phone in many ways. Its design echoes the elegant look of the iPhone 

 or 5, and the color OLED screen is long overdue. 

Overall, the iPhone 12 is a stylish, futuristic device, comfortable to hold, and offers excellent value for money.

5. iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 13 Mini is an outstanding device because it possesses all the features of the standard iPhone 13, albeit in a smaller package. It maintains the same square-shaped design, support for 5G, and cameras as the larger model. However, the 13 Mini’s most notable attribute is its 5.4-inch OLED screen, which supports Dolby HDR. 

Although this screen size may appear insufficient, it’s worth noting that earlier Plus models, such as the iPhone 8 Plus, had a 5.5-inch screen housed in a significantly larger body. What makes the 13 Mini unique is that it lacks the bulky forehead and chin bezels that defined previous iPhone designs for over a decade.

The phone’s screen is protected by Apple’s ceramic shield, and the body possesses an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, similar to most devices on the market. The A15 Bionic processor powers the iPhone 13 Mini, which provides comparable performance to the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models.

6. iPhone SE 

The iPhone SE (2022) is a fantastic budget option, and it’s also the only mid-range iPhone to support 5G as of this writing. With the same powerful A15 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 13 series, it outperforms most Android flagships despite its lower price point.

In addition to its impressive specs, the iPhone SE (2022) is slim and lightweight with a compact design and display, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer smaller phones. However, its bezels above and below the screen are quite large, giving it a dated appearance, and it’s slightly more expensive than its predecessor despite still being affordable.

Overall, the iPhone SE (2022) is an excellent budget option that would rank even higher, if not for its design and pricing issues.

The Best iPhones Pricing 

The pricing for the latest iPhones can vary depending on the country and region, but generally, 

  • iPhone 14 Pro max starts at around $1,099. 
  • iPhone 14 Pro starts at around $ 1,099. 
  • iPhone 14 starts at around $799.
  • iPhone 12 starts at around $599
  • iPhone 13 Mini starts at around $699. 
  • iPhone SE 2020 starts at around $399

Bangladeshi Pricing:

The best iPhone price in Bangladesh can vary depending on the availability and the seller.

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at around BDT 175,000
  • iPhone 14 Pro starts at around BDT 155,000 
  • iPhone 14 starts at around BDT 130,000, 
  • iPhone 12 starts at around BDT 85,000. 
  • iPhone 13 Mini starts at around BDT 100,000
  • iPhone SE starts at around BDT 44,000. 

It’s important to note that these prices can vary depending on the seller and the availability of the models.

Which iPhone Should You Buy?

Determining which iPhone to buy largely depends on your budget, personal preferences, and needs. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest iPhone model with all the latest features, the iPhone 14 or 14 Pro may be the best option for you.

If you prefer a smaller phone, the iPhone 13 Mini is a great option, as it packs all the features of the larger models into a more compact form. Alternatively, if you want the largest possible screen, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch display, making it the biggest iPhone currently available.

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