All-Terrain Electric Wheelchair

If you enjoy being outdoors, an all-terrain electric wheelchair can make your experience great. These chairs are specifically designed to work on all terrains such as sand, grass and snow rocks.

These wheelchairs are the ideal solution for disabled individuals who enjoy outdoor adventures. They are lightweight, portable and foldable for convenience.


An All-terrain electric wheelchair gives you the freedom to explore nature at its fullest, whether on a sandy beach or mountain range. These chairs boast go-anywhere capabilities – they can cruise the sand, ride over snow, traverse rough trails and conquer muddy farmyards while offering comfort and stability with an extra-large pneumatic tire.

These chairs come equipped with features like gun racks, fishing pole inserts and cooler mounts, making them perfect for the ultimate outdoor adventure. Plus, their emergency evacuation capabilities make them perfect in emergency situations by allowing you to easily climb up and down stairs without using your hands.

Crosswind Concepts’ All-Terrain Mobile Freedom Chair is designed to give mobility-limited individuals access to various terrains that traditional wheelchairs cannot. Featuring multiple mobility approaches, this seat can easily be maneuvered over sand and soil with a caregiver’s assistance or by taking a wheelbarrow approach with 1-6 people onboard.


Power wheelchairs can be an incredibly secure way to move around. Many models of Drive Medical all-terrain electric wheelchairs operate at roughly the same speed as someone walking quickly, making them suitable for most users.

Another essential safety feature of these chairs is their capability to maneuver and steer through obstacles. Some specialized models also feature safety shutoff and brake systems that automatically activate when the chair loses control.

These all-terrain chairs come with various models to handle any terrain – from roads and fields to rough terrain and even up mountains! Additionally, they can be equipped with accessories that ensure comfort and safety during all types of weather conditions, like push handles, hydration packs, safety flags, and racks.


Today, there is a wide selection of all-terrain wheelchairs available for purchase. Some can be pushed by someone close by while others feature specialized wheels and brakes for effortless outdoor movement. Some even come equipped with adaptations for sports like cycling or paddling.

Many of today’s high-tech vehicles come equipped with features designed to make your ride more comfortable, such as triple padding in the seat and backrest, plus thickly padded arm rests. Most also boast an advanced powertrain that will keep you going strong throughout the day.

Models such as the X8 are built for adventure with large 14″ pneumatic tires that offer excellent traction over any terrain, including sand and snow. Plus, their high-tech suspension system will take you far and wide on your next outing – provided the weather cooperates of course! When shopping for a powerchair suitable for yourself and your family, be sure to consider your specific needs.


An All-terrain electric wheelchair is an off-road style of mobility chair that allows you to take part in various outdoor activities. It’s perfect for traversing rocky trails with friends, exploring snowy paths through the woods, or simply relaxing along a sandy beach.

Power wheelchairs offer convenience and enhanced mobility. Not only can they be used off-road, on the street or up ramps, but their portability also allows you to get out more frequently for improved quality of life.

Exercising has long been proven beneficial for mental health and overall wellbeing, making it the perfect time to incorporate more healthy activities into your lifestyle with an All-terrain electric wheelchair.

At Out and About, we believe in giving you the freedom to live life without limits. At our store, we specialize in providing you with high-quality, versatile wheelchairs so that you can access outdoor adventures like never before.

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