Importance of Tissue Aid Filling in Wounds Treatment

Doctors are always looking for new and improved methods to treat their patients. While this dedication is most often realised by inventiveness and CPD(Continuous Professional Development), advances in surgical product development also provide clinicians with an advantage in producing improved patient outcomes. Providing first-rate wound care and skin protection is a standard element of your primary care duties. Therefore, it is crucial to keep on hand a solution with great adaptability to treat a wide variety of wounds and lacerations.

What is Tissue Aid:

The innovative high-viscosity tissue glue known as Tissue Aid is introduced. It creates a strong bond for better wound care and closure, and it’s the best option for needle-free surgery.

Using Tissue Aid instead of sutures to heal wounds

Tissue Aid has raised the bar for replacing skin sutures as the ideal medical solution to speed wound closure. It was developed by the Taiwanese company Genejet Biotech, a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of wound management and skin protection treatment solutions.

While the device has strength and flexibility comparable to sutures, it also forms a microbiological and liquid barrier quickly, significantly lowering the risk of infection.

There is no requirement that a patient return for product removal after receiving a single application of the product. In the long run, patients can also gain from improved cosmetic results and look compared to the deeper scarring that sutures leave behind.

Benefits of using Tissue Aid for good wound care

Tissue Aid is an essential part of cutting-edge wound care solutions:

  • It enables people who are afraid of needles a painless solution.

          Additionally, it may be used with deep-layer sutures.

  • It coats the wound with an efficient antibacterial coating.
  • It naturally sheds in 5 to 10 days; further removal is not necessary.
  • It comes in a bigger tube than typical tissue glue, providing more capacity for long-lasting wounds.
  • In order to reduce the amount of leftovers to be discarded, each tube comes with two applicators.
  • By limiting exposure to dirt and bacteria, it creates a permeable layer that encourages healing and aids in infection prevention.

The effectiveness of advanced wound care depends on the accessibility to practitioners of medical solutions that provide strength and flexibility in administration, with ideal closing times, infection management, and minimal scarring in their execution. Leading hospital groups throughout the world rely on Tissue Aid because it is a patient-centered wound treatment that checks all these criteria.

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Instrumental Healthcare – your advanced wound care stockists

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