Top Indian Vloggers on YouTube 2023

YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platform, is the fastest-growing service of Google and the second-largest social media platform after Facebook. On YouTube, users can upload a wide variety of videos, such as those related to technology, information, food, and entertainment.

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has grown to have more than 2 billion registered monthly logged-in users, with 5 billion videos watched on the platform every day. As its popularity continues to soar, many creators are joining the platform from all over the world.

India has the largest active population on YouTube, with over 467 million users. While most subscribed channels in India are those of companies, many individual creators have made a name for themselves on the platform by creating engaging and entertaining content.

Nowadays, YouTubers upload videos in various categories, with the most popular being vlogs, gaming, comedy, unboxing, and educational videos. Among these, vlogs are the most beloved video type on the platform, as they provide an insight into the daily lives of creators and connect them with their audience.

list of the top 5 vlogging YouTube channels in India

YouTube has become a hub for vloggers who share their daily life activities with their audience through engaging and entertaining videos. India has a growing community of vloggers who have gained immense popularity on the platform.

  • Sourav Joshi Vlogs

Sourav Joshi is a talented artist who has gained a massive following for his stunning sketches and art pieces. He is the proud owner of two YouTube channels, Sourav Joshi Arts and Sourav Joshi Vlog. His art channel has over 4 million subscribers, and he has garnered even more success on his vlog channel.

Sourav started his vlog channel during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, and since then, he has become the most popular vlogger in India, with over 19.8 million subscribers. On his vlog channel, he shares his daily life activities with his family and friends, and his cousin Piyush Joshi and his dog Oreo often feature in his vlogs, making them even more interesting and entertaining.

  • Flying Beast

Gaurav Taneja, popularly known as Flying Beast, is an Indian YouTuber, pilot, and fitness enthusiast who shares his daily life routine and stories with his audience. He started vlogging in 2017 and has amassed a massive following of 7.87 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In addition to Flying Beast, Gaurav has two other channels – FitMuscleTV and Rashbhari Ke Papa – with 2.1 million and 1.3 million subscribers, respectively. FitMuscleTV is a fitness-focused channel where he shares his workout tips and routines, while Rashbhari Ke Papa is a gaming channel where he plays various games like GTA V, Valorant, PUBG, etc. on live streams.

Flying Beast’s vlogs mainly consist of his activities with his daughter, wife, and other family members. His daughter’s cute and funny antics have attracted a significant following, and Gaurav’s Instagram account has 3.7 million followers.

Recently, Gaurav and Ritu, his wife, made headlines for creating the largest map of India in the sky. They flew for almost three hours to create a 350 km-long map of the country. Gaurav’s passion for flying, fitness, and family has endeared him to his audience, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in India.

  • Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary, known as the Guruji of Technology on YouTube, is one of the most famous vloggers in India. He shares his daily life and travel vlogs on his channel, Technical Guruji, which has a massive following of 22.8 million subscribers, making him one of the top YouTubers in India.

Gaurav started vlogging in 2017, and he now has 5.16 million subscribers. His channel focuses on technology-related content, and he is known for his informative and engaging videos on various tech topics.

In addition to his YouTube success, Gaurav has 2.4 million followers on Instagram, where he shares his travel vlogs, which are particularly popular among his followers. Gaurav’s passion for technology and travel has made him a household name in India, and his engaging vlogs continue to attract a massive following.

  • Gaurav Zone

Gauravzone is one of the most controversial yet popular vloggers on YouTube, with a massive following of 4.81 million subscribers. His channel features vlogs related to his day-to-day life, travel, automobiles, and market-related topics. He has also posted some original song videos on his channel, which have been well-received by his fans.

Gauravzone is known for his catchphrase, “Jigar ke Challe, tere Bhai ke balle-balle,” which is frequently used by his followers.

However, Gauravzone’s vlogging career has been marred by controversy. In a recent incident, he tied his dog to balloons and blew it away, which led to his arrest. He later apologized for his actions, but the incident remains a point of contention among his fans and critics alike. Despite this, Gauravzone’s popularity continues to grow, and he remains a significant figure in the Indian vlogging scene.

  • Mumbiker Nikhil

Nikhil Sharma, popularly known as Mumbiker Nikhil, is a well-known motorcycle vlogger hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He shares his experiences of motorcycle rides and travel on his channel. Nikhil is widely regarded as one of the best travel vloggers in India. He started his channel in 2013 and has garnered 3.94 million subscribers on his channel.

Nikhil also has a strong following on Instagram with 1.4 million followers. What makes his vlogs enjoyable to watch is their authenticity, as it feels like he is simply being himself and not putting on an act for the camera.


It is great to see an overview of the top vloggers in India. Each vlogger brings their unique personality and content to the platform, which makes it even more engaging for viewers. It is interesting to see how people share their daily lives, experiences, and hobbies with the world through vlogging. If there are any other famous vloggers that we missed, feel free to mention them in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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