Keep your gas boiler operating at its best!

When the landscape is covered with snow and converted into a stunning winter wonderland, the UK winter can be a magical time. It’s even more delightful if you’re admiring the snow-covered scenery from within a warm, cozy, and inviting home that makes it feel like summer. One’s mood is calmed and lifted by that cozy, warm feeling. That is, of course, assuming that your boiler is properly maintained and operating safely and effectively.


Without these cherished gas appliances, where would we be as winter approaches?

In the winter, it’s crucial to keep a constant eye on your boiler to make sure the heating doesn’t break down. Be on the lookout for any strange symptoms or noises that might indicate the boiler is going to fail, and call in a gas-registered engineer to inspect.


Some boiler problems can be challenging to find. However, a qualified gas-safe registered engineer may identify any potential problems and fix them before a breakdown and an expensive repair. You must schedule a yearly boiler service for your boiler if you want to maintain it operating at its best.


The most frequent boiler errors accrding to NG INSTALLS are.

skipping your yearly boiler service.

Not getting your boiler maintained on a yearly basis could end up costing you money. Costly in terms of both money and health and safety, particularly if a carbon monoxide leak goes unnoticed. If the boiler is inefficient or the radiators are clogged with sludge, it may also entail increased energy expenses.


The boiler manufacturer will require annual maintenance for the term of the warranty if your boiler was recently installed and is still covered by it. If you don’t, any repair claims may be void and you’ll be responsible for paying for the necessary repairs.


An annual boiler service will make sure the boiler is operating well, which will help you keep your energy costs in check and is, by the way, much less expensive than a boiler breakdown and repair!

Scheduling a summertime boiler servicing.

If the summer of 2022 is any indication, heating during the summer is the last thing you consider. It was indeed a sweltering day.


Even when you don’t need heat in the summer, you still need hot water. The best time to completely service your boiler in preparation for winter is during the summer to avoid a breakdown when temperatures decrease and the discomfort that would result from one. It is advised to fire the boiler up and put it through its paces, perhaps once in the summer and once at the end of the fall. This will make it easier to spot any potential issues that you don’t want when the weather becomes chilly!

Postponing or avoiding important maintenance tasks.

In order to avoid running out of gasoline too soon or before the tank empties, you must keep a close check on the fuel levels if you have an oil or propane tank. If the fuel level falls too low, a tank that has run dry may result in debris blocking the fuel filter. Keep a watch on the gauge in your tank; if it drops below 25%, it’s time to call your gasoline supplier to fill off your fuel supplies. If not, it might be necessary to thoroughly clean the filters, which could add to the expense, in order to have your heat back.

Pay attention to any leaks or drips.

A leak could be a sign of a broken or defective pipe or a loose connection. If these irritations aren’t treated, the pressure may decline. If it’s an internal leak, it might cause a more significant problem. Any indications of drips or leaks need to be repaired as soon as possible by a heating professional who is registered with gas!


Be aware of the hammering or mild banging sound that sounds like a kettle coming from your boiler; it might not just be background noise but a warning indicator. Any indications that your boiler is not functioning properly could eventually leave you without heat and without money. If so, contact a professional heating provider right away so they can identify and resolve the problem.



Forgetting to monitor the pressure in the boiler.

Your need for heating and hot water can change depending on any changes in boiler pressure. Regularly checking the boiler pressure to ensure it is within the advised pressure range is advised. Any of the aforementioned factors, such as leaking or damaged pipes, etc., could be the cause of the pressure needing to be topped off frequently and not holding. It is advised to frequently check the pressure. Contact a reliable heating firm to look into any pressure issues you may be experiencing with your boiler.

Verify your thermostat.

The use of a thermostat is crucial for controlling temperature and reducing energy costs. Controlling the thermostat’s temperature setting is crucial given the high cost of energy. First, does the thermostat recognize the pre-set temperature and shut off when it is reached as it should? If it continues to run despite the thermostat’s preset setting, the thermostat may require repair or replacement. In these hard times, a continuously running boiler will significantly increase your energy costs. If you recognize the situation described above, have a London heating firm fix it.

Boiler abruptly shuts off.

A fault code typically displays in the boiler panel when this occurs. Consult the boiler manual for information on the cause and solution. It can be a straightforward issue that you can resolve on your own, like repressurizing the boiler. It’s time to consult a licensed gas professional in London if the manual proposes a more involved or difficult fix.


Keep in mind that in order to remain effective and secure, boilers need regular maintenance and repair.

Finally, poor installation can contribute to various boiler issues. For instance, a boiler whose Kw output is inadequate for your family’s demands in terms of heating and hot water. If this is the case, the boiler might need to run almost constantly to meet the needs of the household, which would raise energy costs. It is well known that occasionally people will hire a skilled do-it-yourselfer who isn’t legally qualified or registered with gas safe to fix or install a boiler in an effort to save money. AVOID these people because they most likely lack public liability insurance and/or don’t provide guarantees.


Additionally, when a gas boiler is installed, it must be registered with the Gas Council, which will require specific information, such as the boiler make, model, and serial number, the name of the business or person who installed it, as well as their registration information for Gas Safe, which must be on the Gas Safe database. All of the aforementioned provide complete traceability (and peace of mind) in the event of an error. Therefore, if you’re tempted to hire a rogue engineer on the cheap, DON’T!


Every landlord has a responsibility to their renters to see that every rental property in their portfolio receives an annual boiler servicing and a gas safety inspection. In the event of a gas-related accident, not having confirmation that all the gas appliances in a home have been routinely serviced could result in a steep fine or possibly jail time.


Always seek out qualified assistance!

It is always preferable to hire a professional boiler repair business in London for any gas boiler or gas appliance repair to handle your gas appliance repairs and safety check. You risk losing more than your peace of mind if you don’t service your boiler on a yearly basis. It can imply that the boiler manufacturer will no longer honor their warranty or guarantee. This implies that if there is no history of a yearly service, etc., you may be responsible for any pricey repairs!


NG INSTALLS skilled boiler engineers at serviceteam can evaluate your boiler, determine the size and heating requirements of your home, and assist with the installation of the best boiler for your family’s needs. Although Serviceteam is a Worcester Bosch-approved installation, we can install any other gas boiler of your choice. To meet your demands, Serviceteam Plumbing and Heating is open around-the-clock. For residential and commercial properties in London and its environs, we offer top-notch gas-safe boiler installation and boiler repair services.

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