10 Best TV Series About Mystery and Espionage

Streaming platforms have emerged with the best features to offer their audiences worldwide. Every country has its streaming platforms, like South Africa’s famous DStv channel or the UK’s Channel 5, which broadcasts many of the latest movies, TV shows, reality shows, and sports. 

However, these streaming platforms are unavailable in certain regions. For instance, YouTube TV is geo-restricted outside the USA, and only can be accessed via a fast and reliable VPN.

DStv also earned the ideal position for the lover of mystery and espionage-themed TV series. You can watch thrillers to amazing whodunits, and the platform showcases various series that will satisfy your urge.


We have generated a list of the top 10 best TV series about mystery and espionage that you can watch on YouTube TV outside US.

1. Homeland (2011)

Homeland is a captivating, suspenseful series adapted from ‘Prisoners of War.’ The story focuses on a CIA officer and her pursuit of an American prisoner who is assumed to be united with Al-Qaeda.

The series is a fusion of themes, including politics, espionage, and terrorism, marking it a must-watch for audiences who like these subjects.

Moreover, through the years, Homeland has won several awards, including 4 Primetime Emmy Awards.

2. The Spy Among Friends (2022)

The Spy Among Friends is a fascinating docudrama series that turns the table for the espionage theme series by taking the audiences on a journey via a complicated plot.

The story explores the lives of two close friends, Philby and Nicholas, who work under M16 intelligence and are involved in a trap of deception and betrayal. 

Furthermore, as the story progresses, the twisting part occurs when Philby’s truth is revealed, while his best friend unknowingly is stuck in the dangerous world of espionage.

The Spy Among Friends stunning graphics and top-tier performances are a hint not to miss this series.

3. 24 (2001)

The 24 series story follows counterterrorism spy Jack Bauer as he battles to protect the US from threats.

Series 24 is rare because it unfolds in real time, and each season comprises 24 episodes representing 1 hour of a single day. With an impressive international cast, the series gives a live view.

24 is well known for its fast-moving action, complicated character development, and unpredictable storyline twists. 

4. The Night Manager (2016)

This is a highly anticipated espionage thriller adapted from John le Carre’s novel and explores the story of a British soldier hired by British intelligence to invade the internal circle of an international weapons dealer.

The Night Manager showcases a cosmic cast, including Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Coleman, and Tom Hollander. The series is based on themes like revenge and mystery.

5. Luther (2010)

Now, this is an interesting series with a twisting plot. What if you learned that your close friend isn’t what he shows you as a person? The series surrounds a passionate Detective Chief Inspector as he hunts down a wide range of extensive prolific crimes in London.

The detective becomes friends with a psychopath and a murderer and can’t be arrested due to insufficient evidence. Besides, the exciting thing is that they both solve different cases together.

The series boasted its dark, lighthearted tone with psychological, thriller themes. Its storyline captivates the audiences, and for years, the series has gathered a fad following and several awards.

6. The Blacklist (2013)

The Blackist is a fantastic series for those who love mystery plus action. The series contains crime, thriller, action, and suspense themes.

The series story is about a wanted escaper who mysteriously yields himself to the FBI, offering them his help to capture dangerous criminals. But in return, he demands to only work with the newbie, Liz Keen. To learn the real intention behind his actions, you must watch the series.

7. True Detective (2014)

True Detective is an American crime anthology series that explores different detectives investigating crimes in various districts over several decades. Police officers and detectives will learn the dark truth about themselves and other surrounding people while hunting the case of homicide.

Every season is an individual story that unveils the themes of existentialism, masculinity, and morality, considering the series a thought-provoking and engaging experience.

8. Flower of Evil

Flower of Evil is one of the most popular Korean melodramas and full of mysteries series. It is a spine-chilling “Are you well-known to the man you married?” series.

The story follows the life of a passionate detective, Cha Ji Won, who has a happy married life. But her picture-perfect family will be shattered when she unveils a new crime scene. 

As the story unfolds, she learns about her husband’s past and his secrets and different personality.

The characters are deeply constructed and expand beyond the stereotype of “cop and mystery serial murderer husband.” If you want to unleash the story of a man who acts lovingly but hides things, this series is for you.

9. Killing Eve (2018)

Killing Eve is a British espionage, thriller, and black comedy drama. The story follows an MI5 security officer, Eve, who develops an interest in hunting a psychopathic assassin. 

The series is a fusion of thrill actions and dark humor, which earn the title of gripping and unique show. The series has won multiple awards, too.

10. Sherlock (2010)

Lastly, Sherlock is a modern version of the legendary detective series Sherlock Holmes, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as the nominal character and Martin Freeman as his devoted friend.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes novels would like to watch this series. The show boasts clever storyline twists, captivating characters, and beautiful graphics. The multiple award-winning show is now considered a cult classic.


DStc provides a wide range of mystery and espionage themes in TV shows that will indeed engage anyone in these genres. DStv has everything from thought-provoking to intriguing plots and a suspenseful thriller series. 

Do not miss the chance to watch these fantastic TV series that will keep you on the verge of the seat.

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